<b>Concentrated Greens of Life</b> - Beef grazed on Linden Leas pasture is rich in Omega 3 and essential nutrients <b>Let the sunshine in</b> - Nova Scotia is uniquely blessed with superior grazing and forage. <b>Disarming chronic health issues</b> - Food grown for Nova Scotian's by Nova Scotian's can help heal our bodies. <b>Agriculture and Economy</b> - Our lands have capacity to support economic prosperity and secure food supply. <b>Protect an irreplaceable asset</b> - 35 years of stewardship of grazing lands are under threat.

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Our Mission

We are a livestock co-op. Our mandate is to allow the sun to enrich our lives from the grass roots up by stable long term investment in grazing livestock

Our mission is to sustainably facilitate the capture of the growth from healthy grass roots through healthy livestock to healthy food for and by Nova Scotians in Nova Scotia.


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