About GRUp

Grass Roots Up Co-operative Limited has a mandate to work towards a sustainable supply of grass fed beef for Nova Scotia consumers.

We started from the spark of wanting to save a valuable agricultural resource in our province, namely the Linden Leas farm in Linden.  Since then we have expanded our mandate to support the initiative of keeping this kind of farming protocol alive on farms across our Province.  Our goal is to make a difference:

  • in disarming chronic disease
  • to food security, regional and personal
  • to farm survival and productivity
  • to community health, future generations,
  • to the environment, tourism, jobs….
  • to the bottom line…if you are willing to be part of the solution

Our membership is growing daily and we have a volunteer board of 9 members.
As elected at our annual meeting the current board of directors are:
Meg Mooring, Director
Kurt Sherman, Director
Doug Cotton, Director
Rob Foster, Director
Michel Boudreau, Director
Ania Swiatonoiwski, Director
Ralph Thompson, Vice President
Jillian Foster, President