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Genetically Engineered Foods & Your Health

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Interested in learning more about the impacts of genetic engineering on our food? Join Dr. Thierry Vrain and Mr. Tony Mitra for a presentation and discussion about the concerns of GE foods and how you can take action.

Sunday April 27, 2014
Tatamagouch Centre

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British Journal of Nutrition: Grass fed Beef can change blood chemistry in as little as four weeks

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Not all beef is alike.  Scientific studies are validating the anecdotal evidence that Linden Leas customers have been sharing with us for years.

The following study shows that in as little as four weeks changing red meat consumption to that with the healthy fat profiles of the beef marketed in NS by our only quality endorsed member farm Linden Leas, will make a significant difference for the better to the long chain omega 3 fatty acid balance in the platelets in human blood.


British Journal of Nutrition / Volume 105 / Issue 01 / January 2011

Red meat from animals offered a grass diet increases plasma and platelet n-3 PUFA in healthy consumers



How I became a food activist

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I have always been someone who likes to know where things come from and how they work. I have always valued quality and time tested methods over quick and convenient. For me, though, the tipping point was really my becoming a mom.  Sort of by accident, I became a food activist.

While I have always been attentive to my health and sustainable agriculture, it was my deep rooted maternal instinct to ensure that my children not only eat the best possible food, (which for me means local if possible) but that I also participate directly in ensuring the security of safe, healthy, food. That is how it started. I joined a CSA (community shared agriculture) for my vegetables. I joined a CSF (community supported fishery) for fish.

When I moved to Nova Scotia in 2005 I began buying the majority of my beef direct from Linden Leas. When I heard the news that not only was this farm under threat as a result of the toll of the BSE crisis on Nova Scotia beef farmers, but that our public officials didn’t seemed understand how critical it was to protect and support this irreplaceable resource, I just couldn’t do nothing. I started a petition. I paced around my house worrying about what my kids would eat if we could not have access to the kind of quality, sustainable agriculture that I had been taking for granted.

I am proud that the petition I started to help Linden Leas has grown into something bigger, with a life of it’s own. Not only do we have the opportunity to help Nova Scotians secure grass fed beef; we can grow and share the knowledge base of how farming should be; we can support economic development in rural Nova Scotia; we can participate in our own health and well being; we can take action without waiting for the political will to catch up.

Not long after Grass Roots Up Co-operative was formed, I commented to my husband, “I think I’ve become a food activist.” He smiled and replied, “Yes, you have.”

Nourishing Our Children

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This is the best I have seen yet, the link is provided so as not to infringe on copy rights. Read the explanations too!!!